An honest review of Rhino Holsters and products

Once in a while, a start up company comes along that surprises you. I say this because so many companies today lack quality and even the most basic customer service. As a law enforcement officer (and a small business owner myself), I was blown away by what RhinoHolsters was doing.

The products: I absolutely need to trust my gear while working. It needs to be tested and not fail under pressure. Rhino Holsters not only makes SOLID PRODUCTS, but is always innovating and improving on their already awesome stuff. From pistol holsters to mag pouches to cuff carriers, Rhino Holsters has stood up to the real life challenges I face on the streets.

I actually got sold on what Rhino Holsters was doing when I was invited by the Owner, Alex Owen, to watch him make his product. He was meticulous and hand made every piece of equipment. No mass production. No off shore work. Everything is made in the US with passion and care. This spoke volumes to me.

Customer Service: after seeing the process and ordering the product, Alex shipped out my orders quickly. He followed up with me to see how I liked the product, and he was engaging. This says so much to me as a customer.

Alex stands behind his products and actually cares about his customers. He also knows that we rely on his products to perform under extreme conditions.

Pressure testing: as a BJJ black belt and police use of force instructor, I regularly train combative situations where “suspects” try to disarm me or grab my pistol or holster (or equipment). My Rhino Holster stuff has not warped, buckled, cracked or fallen off — even with 100% power and effort by the bad guy.

Conclusion: Skip Amazon or overseas products made in factories. Support this Made in the USA brand and tell your friends about Rhino Holsters.

I will be ordering more in the future without a doubt.

Four out of four stars!

— Ari Knazan

Communication and High Quality

When I look for gear in the military/law enforcement space, I look for people that can communicate and deliver high quality products simultaneously. Alex Owen does just that with Rhino Holsters. High quality products and even better communication skills and customer service.

Alex made sure that every piece I ordered was made exactly how I wanted it before he shipped it. Even after shipping and receiving, Alex reached out and sent me some extra hardware to make any changes I wanted. Obviously, the Owen name is strong in our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community but Alexander is bringing that same level of excellence to his gear for military and law enforcement.


— Kyle L Frazier